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Protrak Instruments

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Keep a watchful eye on your assets, even control and track them remotely from your computer on Fleet Software or just track your own vehicle with your mobile phone with Vigil Geo, Insite i2  and ProT telemetry units.


Keep track of your gear and how it is running 24/7.


Pro T  our telemetry units coupled with Vigil Geo can supply any information you need, from  rpm, pressure,temperature and flow telemetry from engines, process equipment, hydraulics, freezers, pumps, plant equipment, etc. 

We can monitor any equipment if the correct sensor is available, if not we can supply sensors to suit your needs.

Save Time, Money and Track and Protect Your Fleet.

Assets with Vigil Geo and Insite i2 and Pro T.


Protrak Instruments sells the Vigil Geo GPS and Insite GPS range of products for fleet monitoring with software or just monitor your own vehicle or marine vessell or up 20 Vehicles with a mobile phone, these devices can monitor Data rooms and Telecommunications equipment, can be used as remote control and monitoring and shutdown systems for Mining, Marine, Transport, Pumps, Farming and Irrigation, Building and Construction, Wind Speed, Lighting Failure, Leak detecting, mobile and stationary engine Industries and Home Automation.

Now you can control via sms, track and locate any asset via GPS and Google Maps!

Marine, Farming, Mining, Home Automation, Engine Management and many more.


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 Applications are  unlimited Anything Anywhere Anytime!!                                                         



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